Thursday, September 15, 2016

Let's Flamingle!

We just had the MOST fun Let's Flamingle party for our sweet SEVEN year old! 
She adores all things this theme just fit her to a tee. 

I now have the pack available for purchase!
Contact me at to order or for more info! 

See below for other links & sources! 

Other party sources:
Flora and the Flamingo 
Visit this post to read about our Birthday Book favorite! 
Flamingo Lights {similar}
I got mine from Michaels on the summer 80% off aisle! 

Flamingo Sign on the table came from Hobby Lobby 
{with a 40% off coupon & now looks adorable in my sweet girls room...and considered party of her birthday gift!}

Plates, Plastic Tablecloths, Paper Straws, etc all came from Walmart
They have a great color selections & are so much cheaper than Party City. 
{Even though I love you, Party City...your prices aren't awesome.}
The blue favor & drink cups and candy for the favors did come from there though!

One of the reasons I love picking a theme & planning early is SALES and COUPONS!
If I know ahead of time colors, theme, etc I can be watching clearance sections & be stocking up at Hobby Lobby using my weekly 40% coupon, or watching weekly sales. 
I save SO much on my parties by doing this. If I were to go out the week before & buy everything I just couldn't do it. But by planning & knowing ahead of time it works!

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tickled Pink!

Hello friends! 
Well...I {obviously} took the summer off from blogging! Hopefully now that school is about to be back in session I will have a little time to post a few new designs from the past few months. 

But for now-how about a free printable!? 

We are headed to Meet the Teacher tonight for our big first grader! 
I always love to take a little treat to my kids teachers at Meet the Teacher. It's a little less crazy than the first day of school, and what better way to start off the year by letting your teacher know that you have been thinking & praying for her!? 

This is the third year in a row I have done the "tickled pink" theme for our teachers at the beginning of the year. There are so many ways to go & I have done something a little different with it each year. This year...a cup from the dollar bin & a Mardel gift card. 
Almost all of the teachers at our school moved classrooms over the summer & Emma's teacher is moving from a different grade-so I'm sure she has a mile-long wish list! 

CLICK HERE to download the free printable tag! 
Post & tag me in your pictures-I would love to see how you use yours!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Pinterest Party Boards 

I have gathered all kinds of fun party ideas & inspirations on my Pinterest account. Click on the Pinterest icon to the left or here to check them out & follow me! Many of the parties have pins that will link you to my own party packs that are available for purchase!
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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bike Party

We just celebrated my son's third birthday. I think it might rate up at the top of my list of  favorite party theme we have done so far. It was the biggest hit with all the kids!!! Success!

I kept the food pretty simple. I had a make-your-own trail mix station, fruit & fruit dip and the cake. 
I filled jars with all sorts of snacky things & provided take out boxes for everyone to make their own trail mix. The little favor stickers & labels on the jars make it look so pulled together!

On the invitation I put for everyone to bring their bike or riding toy.
There was a parking lot if they needed to park for a while. 
When they arrived I directed them to the decoration station. There they could attach their license plate, add streamers, balloons, spoke beads, handle bar streamers however they wanted. Obviously the girls got the biggest kick out of this spot, where the boys were just ready to RIDE! 

I followed this tutorial to make a bike car wash, and had buckets, sponges, spray bottles & rags if they needed to give their ride a hand wash. ;) 

We put out cones & balloons to mark off the race track & we just let the kids ride as the wished. I knew at some point we might need to do a few organized rides or courses, but they were completely entertained the whole time just doing their own thing!

Bike Party Pack

Invitation {Front & Back Designs}
Signs {Up to 5}
Circle Favor Tag/Label
Circle Food Tags
License Plates with kids names

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Printable

Did you know Teacher Appreciation Week is next week???
As a former teacher myself, I'm always thinking of ways I can show my kids teachers how much we appreciate all they do. Even in little ways. Her favorite soft drink or coffee when I'm going up to eat lunch goes a long way!
I put together a set of tags that I'm going to use for Emma's teacher this year. 
I am planning on send a little treat each day with a cute coordinating tag.
 I am including a free download if you are feeling a little behind & would like to use some or all of them! 

Click HERE to find the download!
Monday I am sending this printable that I'm having my daughter fill out.
Tuesday I'm sending nail polish with the "toe-tally" awesome tag. 
{I found my favorite Essie polish on sale at Ulta for $1 and stocked up for times like this!}

Wednesday I'm sending hand wash from Bath & Body Works with the "hands down" tag.
{I believe these are around $3.50 & great to have on hand! See what I did there?}
Thursday I'm send a notepad with the "take note" tag.
{I happened to have one on hand, but even the dollar bins often have cute ones!}
Friday I'm send a little potted succulent with the "grow" tag. 
{I haven't picked this up yet, but not planning on this being over $5}
So for the whole week, I'm only spend around $10. Even thought we appreciate Emma's teacher SO much more than that, it's also nice to know we can still do sweet & thoughtful things on a budget!

**I am not claiming any of these ideas as my own! I found them all on Pinterest, but just wanted my tags to be cohesive each day!**
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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Boy Birthday Themes

I'm falling more & more in love with little boy birthday parties!
Now that I'm planning my son's THIRD birthday, I've been thinking about boy party themes a lot lately.

Take a look at a few packs I have that could be perfect for that little man in your life! 
I have linked to a post on my blog for most of the parties, as well as my Pinterest board that will give you all kinds of fun inspiration! Feel free to go check out & follow my other Pinterest party boards here. Or you can click the Pinterest button under "follow me" to the right.  

It seems like my stash of party packs is a little girl heavy-so I'm trying to beef up the boy side a bit.  
I always love to hear what you think! 
Any little boy party themes you've been dreaming of? 

Tractor Party Pack

Go Wild! Party Pack

Blast Off Party Pack

Little Deer Party Pack

 Elephant Party Pack
This has been my most popular party pack!
I have other color options, as well as banners & napkin rings available that are not pictured below.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Flower Power!

 I love spring & all the beautiful flowers in bloom everywhere.
It seems like this time of year is full of baby showers, wedding showers, & graduation teas.

What better way to plan or decorate for a girly event than with FLOWERS!?
Here are a few designs that show a little flower power! 

Contact me at for ordering info. 
All the the designs above are available for only $10 for a digital file!

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