Thursday, January 20, 2011

we LOVE it!

 Valentine's Day is just around the corner! 
Whether it's mini valentine cards for you kids to take to school, party invitations, or a family valentine card {just in case Christmas came & went without you sending one out!}...

Below you will find some pre-designed card available for the holiday & please remember that I can always do a custom card for you, as well!

MINIs {$10 for the print-yourself option}
These print out to be 4 inch square {with 4 on a page}, the perfect size for your kids to take to school or to attach to a treat bag!

Cute as a Button
{Buttons are not included! :) I used scrapbooking brads that are fabric buttons...text colors can be changed.}

 You're So Tweet

I have a sweet cousin that always sends out Valentine's cards, instead of Christmas cards...a wonderful idea in my opinion since things are a lot slower & less stressful this time of year! 
Here are two pre-designed cards {$20} for you to choose from, or you can go custom {$30}.

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