Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bike Party

We just celebrated my son's third birthday. I think it might rate up at the top of my list of  favorite party theme we have done so far. It was the biggest hit with all the kids!!! Success!

I kept the food pretty simple. I had a make-your-own trail mix station, fruit & fruit dip and the cake. 
I filled jars with all sorts of snacky things & provided take out boxes for everyone to make their own trail mix. The little favor stickers & labels on the jars make it look so pulled together!

On the invitation I put for everyone to bring their bike or riding toy.
There was a parking lot if they needed to park for a while. 
When they arrived I directed them to the decoration station. There they could attach their license plate, add streamers, balloons, spoke beads, handle bar streamers however they wanted. Obviously the girls got the biggest kick out of this spot, where the boys were just ready to RIDE! 

I followed this tutorial to make a bike car wash, and had buckets, sponges, spray bottles & rags if they needed to give their ride a hand wash. ;) 

We put out cones & balloons to mark off the race track & we just let the kids ride as the wished. I knew at some point we might need to do a few organized rides or courses, but they were completely entertained the whole time just doing their own thing!

Bike Party Pack

Invitation {Front & Back Designs}
Signs {Up to 5}
Circle Favor Tag/Label
Circle Food Tags
License Plates with kids names

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  1. It was such a fun theme and everything was adorable!!!! Way to go Mom!!!!