Friday, September 16, 2011

Feature Friday :: Monkey Party

This is the same post I posted yesterday on my personal blog...but today it's my Feature Friday!
We just celebrated my daughter's 2nd birthday party with a pink & yellow monkey party.
Be sure to read all the way to the bottom for a special deal on this party pack!


I kinda like planning parties...have I mentioned that before? ;)
When thinking about Emma's 2nd birthday, it of course had to be adorable, but also all about something she loves. Monkey's was the obvious choice. She LOVES monkeys & it was after all the first animal sound she made!

Favor & Sign in table...
We had all kinds of pink & yellow treats to fill a box with your on monkey mix on your way out the door...or to snack on during the party! :)
We also had a Curious George book for everyone to sign as a keepsake for Emma. 

 Food table
 We decided to have a mid-morning party & had tons of breakfast food...donut pops, banana muffins, banana biscotti, monkey bread, pigs in a blanket, a breakfast casserole, and lots of fruit. YUM!

Banner & Drink Bar
We had all kinds of breakfast drinks for our guests to enjoy & after my first time to use paper straws I can officially say I'm I want them in every color!

Activity stations
{top to bottom}
*I love these ruffled streamers I made using this tutorial * We buried barrel of monkey monkeys & money in the sandbox for the kids to dig was a big hit, especially with the older kids!
*I repainted the bean bag toss board from Emma's 1st birthday, and my sweet mom made banana bean bags for the kids to toss the monkey a banana. Then each kid got to take home a banana bean bag!
*We had stations set up for the kids to draw with chalk & color monkey pictures.

Contact me to order!
$10 for the invitation PDF
$15 for the whole party pack PDF
{invitation, up to 5 customized signs, 1 favor tag, tent cards, banner} 

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  1. I love this! We will be celebrating my daughters 2nd bday in a week and a half! Can I still get this pack for $15? I would love to! Thanks!