Friday, November 16, 2012

Custom Return Address Stickers

 I love having fun return address labels to use. 
And what is better than having them matching your Christmas Card?

Here is a picture of my family's shaped card from last year & matching return address label. 

And here's the labels I use for shipping Snowbird orders. 

These labels don't just have to be return labels. I made a set for Emma's birthday party favor boxes this last year. 
They could be so cute on Christmas teacher gifts, or favors for your child's class, or as gift tags for wrapping presents, the options are endless. You can even add a picture to step it up a level!
In fact...I might have to make myself a set to use this holiday season!

There are so many cute shape options to choose from as well!
Stickers come in sets of 20. 
There is a $5 design fee. I am hoping to be able to add a few pre-designed options soon!
1-5 sets are $10 per set.
If you order 6+ sets the price drops to $8 per set.


  1. Very artsy idea! I think that would also be good if you have any product that you’re selling. You can have a unique label for your products using those lovely stickers. I think that is a good way to create a brand image for any type of product, right?

    >Jessie Henn

  2. Identification decals keep a unique benefits that they can be eliminated. They are also used for promotion reasons. By the name, company brand and other information in printed type, they can be used as resources for promotion.

  3. I agree with Jessie here. Have you ever considered selling your own products and using your designs for brand image? I hope you give it a try since I believe that your work can have a good impression on the product that you’ll be selling. It can be a big hit and will add a lot more to your income.

    -- Humberto Decius

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