Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Traditions :: Christmas {part 2}

I just love the fun of traditions. Especially now that I have kids!

This is a new one I started this year & has quickly become a favorite. 
I didn't have the "official" elf on the shelf, but a cute little elf that my mom had given us a few years ago. She also gave Emma these cute little elf dolls. When I saw this post on pinterest, I decided I liked the whole idea of this...and we had the perfect dolls already!

Every morning they are hiding somewhere new. Sometimes just a fun hiding place, sometimes by something we are going to do that day {like be KIND and make hot chocolate mix for teachers at school}, or sometimes are hiding somewhere with a note about something kind they saw Emma doing the day before. It's been a fun way of helping her remember to always be kind to others, and to be looking for ways to help or make someone smile. And it's an easy to way to help her remember how God loves it when we are kind toward each other. Great lessons for little hearts! And big hearts, too!

I am loving all the fun Christmas & holiday activities this year, because Emma is just so excited & thrilled about everything. However, I am trying really hard to not get stressed by all the "to-dos!" I can't seem to keep up with everything on a normal day, and then here I go adding more things to do each day. :) But it's way more fun to do these things than clean my house, so I'll just do my best & try to enjoy these sweet moments that I only get once. Just please call before you come over so I can hide some of our messes, or you might never speak to me again! ;)


  1. This is a great tradition!!! And what you are doing is things she will remember her whole life...she won't remember if there was dust on the furniture!:)

  2. Awesome! You and Annalee need to write a book one day of all your craftivities :)