Monday, October 12, 2015

Real Parties :: Mermaid

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$10 for the invitation PDF
$15 for the whole party pack PDF
{invitation, water bottle labels, tent cards, 1 favor tag, banner}

When Emma turned five, our life was a little hectic at the time! 
{Hence the reason I am just realizing I never posted about her party! Oops!}
We moved into our new house 3 days before her birthday. 
So I threw together a tiny party. To have the day we moved in. 
What!? #amicrazy

Who cares if I am, this sweet face & priceless reaction made it ALL worth it!

This is just about the most I could do on moving day. 
I had everything made & ready to just hang or put on the table before hand. We were living in a very tiny apartment for two months prior, so I had a little time on my hands!
I had tons of fun pinterest ideas swirling around my head that you can see here

 I had previously made a mermaid party pack, and changed the colors a bit. 
Here's a look at the favor tag & water bottle label for the other party.

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  1. This was such a great little party, even if you were completely in the middle of moving...I was so impressed and I don't think you could have shocked or surprised the birthday girl anymore if you had tried! It was so delightful to watch how excited she was and how appreciative she was of all the decorations! You did good mom!