Saturday, July 26, 2014

Circle Name Stickers

I have a thing for school supplies.
Even though I don't want to believe that summer is starting to wind down-
I do find myself getting a little giddy when I see the freshly stocked school supply isles. 

And when you have all those new supplies, what better to do than LABEL THEM!?

We have some cute personalized name stickers just in time for back to school!

Currently there are 16 designs available-
but if you have something different in mind that would be perfect for you or your little one, 
don't hesitate to ask...and I will see what I can do!
I can't wait to start labeling everything in sight!
Set of 8 stickers is $11.00. 
Order of 6+ sets of 8 is $8.00 per set. 
Shipping & Handling is $6.00.
Email me at & I will send you a simple form to easily place your order!


  1. Those are so cute!!! I love the quality of the labels I've gotten from you! And I agree, I get giddy when I see school supplies too!!!

  2. School supplies make me giddy too! I always seem to remember Kathleen Kelly's famous "boquets of sharpened pencils line as August rolls around. I am made for Fall so I get a huge thrill when this transition is beckoning!