Monday, February 22, 2016

Party Inspiration

Whenever I am planning a party, I always have to have the one piece of inspiration to kick-start my planning. It can come from almost anywhere, but it always helps to get the wheels turning! 

I love doing custom birthday if you ever find something that sparks an idea send me a picture of it & I would love to help you turn it into the perfect party!

Here's a few samples of how something small turned into the perfect party theme!

For Emma's recent Cupcake Party...

 I found these great party goods at Michaels on the 90% off aisle! What a steal! The whole party just took off with the inspiration of these colors & patterns. 

The polka dot & stripe vinal table cloths, the polka dot paper bowls & a matching paper lantern were with the summer clearance. I then designed all the printed goods to match, which made it all come together & look so cohesive at a fraction of the cost!

For Hudson's Little Deer Party...

I found the deer {on the left} for 90% at Hobby Lobby after Christmas, it had an antler that was missing, so my sweet dad replaced them with some real antlers he had laying around in his workshop. I had the adorable ceramic blue deer from my sweet grandmother.
I also found the two cardboard deer cutouts {on the right} for 50% after Christmas as well. 
Yes...I started this party theme really early...which is easier to do for a 1st birthday party! Which the fun finds, it all just took off from there!

For Emma's 3rd Cowgirl Party...

This adorable denim skirt & that fabulous cowgirl silhouette clip art was all it took!

I just found a super cute bicycle t-shirt at Gap for my little guy & it is helping to jump start the planning for his 3rd birthday coming up!
For me all it takes is one little inspiration to get the ball rolling. 


  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful party Inspirations. This Little Deer Party looked fabulous. I will also use this cute theme for my sweet niece’s birthday celebration. Right now we are looking for suitable Chicago venues for party.

    1. Thank you! I have the Little Deer party pack in a girl version as well. Feel free to email me at if you have any questions!