Thursday, March 31, 2016

Boy Birthday Themes

I'm falling more & more in love with little boy birthday parties!
Now that I'm planning my son's THIRD birthday, I've been thinking about boy party themes a lot lately.

Take a look at a few packs I have that could be perfect for that little man in your life! 
I have linked to a post on my blog for most of the parties, as well as my Pinterest board that will give you all kinds of fun inspiration! Feel free to go check out & follow my other Pinterest party boards here. Or you can click the Pinterest button under "follow me" to the right.  

It seems like my stash of party packs is a little girl heavy-so I'm trying to beef up the boy side a bit.  
I always love to hear what you think! 
Any little boy party themes you've been dreaming of? 

Tractor Party Pack

Go Wild! Party Pack

Blast Off Party Pack

Little Deer Party Pack

 Elephant Party Pack
This has been my most popular party pack!
I have other color options, as well as banners & napkin rings available that are not pictured below.

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